Administrators have the ability to kick a person out of chat or ban them for a certain amount of time out of chat. Only members of the wiki staff has the right to give warnings to people but suggestions can be used if not a member of staff. The punishments are based on how many offenses a person does in chat or on this wiki and are listed in order:

1st offense= Warning

2nd offense= 3 day ban

3rd offense= 1 week ban

4th offense= 3 weeks ban

5th offense= 2 months ban

6th offense= Infinite ban

  • If offense is severe enough, some penalties can be skipped based on how severe the punishment is.


If a person commits an offense, they can be banned by a member of the wiki staff or be reported to be banned by a member. Things that will not be tolerated on this wiki or in the chat room that are consider offenses are:

- Bullying

- Vandalism

- Spamming (Binary counts for that too)

- Sexual Content

- Excesive Swearing

- Bad Language

- Threats

- False editing

- Advertising

- Debating

- Gibberish 

  • A person can be banned from the site if there is a case of severe vandalism, sexual content, threats, or false editing.


A person can become a member of staff by an administrator promoting that person, but the person must prove themself by showing that they do have what it takes to be a chat moderator. Administrators cannot be kicked from chat by a chat moderator but can be demoted by the bureaucrat if they commit a severe offense.